Who are we?

The International Iridology Practitioners Association was founded for the purpose of increasing and communicating knowledge concerning the art and science of Iridology and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and research with the goal of promoting excellent international Iridology standards. Our goal is to increase and communicate knowledge about Iridology. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities for receiving the most updated information, products and tools for Iridologists worldwide. IIPA has grown since it was founded in 1982, and we are enthusiastic about the future. We invite you to share in the enthusiasm and help get the word out to all Iridologists who are not a part of IIPA. We are excited about our mission to unite Iridologists from around the world and to provide them a place to network with many others in the field of Iridology. We welcome your thoughts and input as we go forward.

IIPA Supporting and Sponsorship Opportunities

Any individual or organization shall be eligible for the IIPA Affiliate or Supporting Memberships that has interests in providing financial assistance towards the association and sponsoring its purpose. If you are interested in becoming IIPA sponsor, download your application now and please contact the IIPA Central Office. We would like to hear from you and thank you for your generosity!


Kathy Norris is a certified Iridologist, foot Reflexologist and owner of Family Farm Health Food Store. She has been practicing Iridology for the past 15 years and studied under Dr. Benard Jensen and Micki Jones. Kathy Norris, President
Family Farm Health Food Store has been in successful operation for 35 years and Kathy has grown the store to new levels in the past 10 years of ownership. While visiting a friend in 1995, Kathy noticed the "big blue Iridology" book written by Dr. Benard Jensen. Curiosity overcame her and she bought the book from her friend. Three weeks later she was taking her first class on Iridology. She went on to actively study this mode of natural health and has a thriving practice today. Kathy believes in taking a common sense approach that shows a person where they have come from and where they are going. She uses Iridology to create a roadmap to help her clients find solutions to lifelong problems and concerns. Kathy feels she personally grows with each experience with her clients and values the rewarding opportunity to teach and learn through every session. Kathy has a D.Ir. from the Holistic Health College and holds various certifications in nutrition and herbology. She is certified in Reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology. Kathy resides in Houston, Texas and enjoys golf, fishing and racquetball in her spare time.

Hello, I am Christos Miliankos, Iridologist, Naturopath and Bowenwork Instructor from Victoria, Australia. I have been practicing Iridology, Naturopathy and Homeopathy in my clinic for the past ten years. I have a post-graduate Diploma in Integrated Iridology and Natural Fertility Management. Christos Miliankos, Vice-President
ND, B.Sci-Nat, Dip Irid
I am passionate about Iridology, collecting and researching Iris patterns through the family generations and I love sharing my passion for this amazing technique with my clients. I truly believe that every iris is beautiful and perfect. I live on a beautiful country property in Victoria with my wife Sandy and our 5 gorgeous young children. Iridology has been so beneficial in their lives. Some of my hobbies are travel, theatre, pilates, organic gardening and straw bale homes. Iridology has been an amazing gift in the health of my family, clients and myself. It helps people to understand themselves better, where they have come from and to how be the best that they can be.

As the proprietor of Peek Iridology, I’d like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I attended Idaho State University as well as Eastern Idaho Technical College where I received my Associates of Applied Science Degree. After graduating at the top of my class, I became a Certified Medical Assistant. I have spent the last 15 working in physician offices caring for patients. In 2005, I moved to Jackson Wyoming and started working for a Holistic Internal Medicine Physician. I currently still work in the field. Iridology was introduced into my life at a young age. Jennifer Nelson-Hawks, CCII, Treasurer My little sister was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 4 years old. The doctors told my parents there was nothing that could be done but to put her on medication for the rest of her life. Knowing that was not an option for my sister, my parents found an Iridologist named Randy Anderson. After analyzing my sister’s irises she was able to strengthen and heal some imbalances of her body through supplements and diet. To this day my sister has never had another seizure. I knew someday I would like to be able to help others in a way Randy did my sister. A natural approach to achieve optimal wellness has always been a passion of mine. It is my ambition, as your Iridologist, to create an exceptional experience centered on your needs and wellness. With my compassionate nature, understanding, respect and confidence it is my genuine concern to help create personalized wellness within. Please allow me the opportunity to analyze your body’s weakness and strengths through your irises. The eye is the window to the soul.

Betty Sue is a student of Dr. Farida Sharan of the Boulder School of Natural Medicine. She has been certified through the School of Natural Medicine as a Master Iridologist, schooled in the tradition of Josef Deck, Dorothy Hall, Theodor Kriege, Josef Angerer and other great Iridologists by Dr. Sharan. Betty Sue O'Brian, Past-President
N.D., C.C.I.I.
She has studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen and has attended workshops with Denny Johnson (Rayid) and Danielle Lorito (Time Risk). She has an undergraduate minor in Nutrition and Science and a B.S. and M.S. degree in English. She lectures around the country on the subject of natural health and healing, teaching people how to take charge of their own health and deepening their understanding of their personal healing journey. In her classes she will present IIPA Iridology using current terminology and studying the irises of each of the participants in the class.

Board of Directors

Hi, my name is Robin Baker. As a mother of six children I was concerned for their health and interested in ways which prevented them from becoming sick and ill. I was also concerned for the health of my husband as well as my own. I began reading everything on health, herbs, and nutrition I could find. I thought why should I spend money on doctors if I could figure it out Robin Baker, MH, CR, CCI
myself. Our goal for the family was to raise our children to be healthy and not have the physical problems that seemed to occur in the family histories. We transformed our diet to vegetarian and the later to vegan. Our family had an active lifestyle in competitive sports programs for the children and many outdoor events. I began advising family members and friends on how to have a healthy lifestyle. I completed the Master Herbalist program and received a Diploma from Australasian College of Health Sciences. Then a friend introduced me to Iridology and I knew this was another field I wanted to pursue, so I attended seminars for Iridology certification under the teaching of Ellen Tart-Jensen (Bernard Jensen International) and received my certification through IIPA. I also attended Williams School of Health for Reflexology and received my certification. I received my AA in Liberal Arts from San Bernardino Valley College in 1995. I enjoy extending and continuing my knowledge and understanding in other areas of health and healing by reading, studying, listening to the many webinars available to us. I am currently a Master Herbalist and an IIPA Certified Iridologist and the owner of "Robin's Nest of Health" which I operate in California. My clients are able to see, through Iridology, a blueprint of their body and I encourage them to make changes in the patterns of their life towards health. I hope my lifestyle will be an example and inspiration to them. I and my husband are California natives and currently reside in the high desert of Apple Valley, CA. I now have the joy of passing on and using my knowledge for my grandchildren.

Emil Bewö is a young man who inspires to a healthy living with his positive attitude to life. His work helps to improve the lifestyle of young and old ones. His therapies are including a treatment of both body and soul. Emil says “you can´t treat only one part of the human being without treating the other.” Emil Bewö Emil Bewö's education: Master of Sience in Biomedicine (4 years) at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 2007. A diploma in Naturopathic Therapies, Naturmedicinska Fackskolan Education (5 years), Tumba, Sweden, 2006. Including: Iridology, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chirotherapies and Massage, Iridology Instructor for IIPA, San Diego, USA 2008 His interest in the science of body and mind started already in his youth. He is a dedicated man with a belief that everyone has the right to be healthy. In June 2008 after a couple of years studying Iridology for Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen he took and passed his exam for becoming Iridology Instructor for IIPA. Since 2006 Emil Bewö runs his own practise in central Rättvik, Sweden Emil has been lecturing about natural therapies and health diagnostics since 3 years all across Sweden and he is now starting lecturing in Iridology and at the same time expanding in northern Europe. His classes are interesting, well structured with a mixture of lecturing, discussions and practice and on a very high level but explained in ordinary words and expressions. Questions are always answered and he says that every question brings a new dimension to the classroom.

Birgit first learned the values of an organic healthy lifestyle in her home country of Austria. In 2009 she officially established her business called, BirgitCare. Birgit has a unique way of stringing together a physical, emotional and spiritual Birgit Lueders, MH CCII
knowledge through her intuition and Iridology, which gives her the ability to create a true holistic experience for her clients. Birgit has been studying Iridology through our IIPA instructor Georgina Cyr. After her initial training, she started to study Iridology material from teachers all over the world. Once she felt satisfied with her wide spectrum of knowledge about the EYE, she founded The Center for Iridology in Philadelphia. Birgit truly embodies a passion for Iridology, which can be seen and heard through her webinars, TV-appearances and speaking engagements.

One of the most common words used to describe Wendy is “passionate”, though those close to her more fondly refer to her as the “health nut.” She’s always had a tendency to dive head first into things that interest her. But with holistic nutrition and iridology, she’s taken her enthusiasm to a more profound level. She completed her Masters in Holistic Nutritional Sciences from the Clayton College of Natural Health (and is currently working towards her PhD in Natural Health), and earned her Certified Comprehensive Iridologist status from the International Iridology Practitioners Association apprenticed via the highly esteemed Bernard Jensen International (specifically, studying under the world-renowned Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen). Wendy Merrill
CCI, M.S. Hol. Nutr.
Wendy’s entrance into the natural health world was somewhat unconventional. Unlike many, she didn’t personally experience poor health leading her down the path to more natural therapies. Instead, she watched several people close to her, from youngsters to the more elder, suffer terribly through destructive courses of prescription drugs, mutilating surgeries and at times sub-par if not arguably crude advice from more conventional types of medicine. These unfortunate circumstances ignited a fire in her that still burns, along with an uncontrollable thirst for knowledge and information that seems insatiable. Her long-term vision is to integrate natural health, iridology and sports nutrition, particularly in the lives of young athletes and their relationship with the professional sporting world. Previously, Wendy co-founded and co-owned a successful international travel agency and a hospitality consulting firm. In addition, she has been the General Manager of numerous restaurants in the New England area. With Wendy’s many years of education in business management and consulting, nutritional physiology, and more recently iridology, she now has the ability, through her company VisualEyes Health, www.visualeyeshealth.com, to work with clients worldwide helping them uncover and discover the true causes of their imbalances. Additionally, Wendy recently became a contributing writer for the NaturalNews.com Citizen Journalism team, where she submits articles for publication that receive worldwide exposure on nutritional issues and natural health living.

Wanda Seitz has had a lifelong interest in natural health; however it wasn’t until her son was diagnosed with an incurable, but “treatable” disease that she began to look into natural medicine as a serious alternative to her son consuming tissue toxic drugs for the remainder of his life. These drugs were not only ineffective but actually made his condition worse. Wanda’s initial research revealed that the doctors were treating the symptoms not the cause of the disease, which turned out to be parasites in the joints. After successfully overcoming her child’s entire health crisis through the use of herbs and diet, she knew her destiny in life was to help others find natural solutions as she had. Wanda Seitz, ND, CCII Wanda received her Certified Herbalist certificate from Dr. Jim Jenks, a graduate of Certified Natural Health Professionals, her Certified Nutritional Consultant and Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity College of Natural Health. Wanda has completed additional research and studies in the fields of biochemistry, biology and biophysics. Wanda is a professional member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, Association of Certified Nutritional Consultants, International Iridology Practitioners Association and Certified Natural Health Professional Association. Wanda shares her vast knowledge through lectures and classes throughout the country in person and as online “Webinars”. As the owner of a natural health clinic and a nutritional consulting practice in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Wanda has shared her knowledge with literally thousands clients over the past 18 years.