Current Courses/Classes

Sclerology 101 - CEU: 10 Betty Sue O'Brian, ND,
On-Line Course in practical Sclerology. Online and Live 24 hours a day! For complete course requirements and fees, contact the Instructor.
IIPA Level I and Level II Iridology Course Betty Sue O'Brian, ND,
Be prepared for the IIPA Examination (Webinar based) Online Correspondence. For information, contact the Instructor.
Advanced Iridology - CEUs: 20 Betty Sue O'Brian, ND,
Online Course, instructor assisted. This class focuses on advanced terminology and methods in personality iridology, sclerology and traditional iridology.
Introduction to Iridology or "Family Iridology" - CEU: 4 Wanda J. Seitz, ND,
CEU: 4 - Online course. In the Family Iridologist Course, students will learn enough to understand the differences in health and personality among those with blue, brown and hazel irises.
Anatomy & Physiology Wanda J. Seitz, ND,
On-Line Course - A thorough Anatomy and Physiology course to prepare students for using Iridology to help others.
Family RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) - CEU: 5 Wanda J. Seitz, ND,
CEU: 5 - Online Correspondence, open enrollment. Family RBTI uses the practice of Reams Testing (The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) to effectively measure bodily fluids for imbalance and also how to bring those back into balance.
Family Herbalist - CEU: 8  Wanda J. Seitz, ND,
This course helps participants to take charge of their health and their family's health by learning herbal simpling, in other words, learning uses, practices of herbs and herbal therapies. At the completion of this course, the participant will receive a Family Herbalist Certificate.
RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) Professional - CEU: 16  Wanda J. Seitz, ND,
CEU" 16 - RBTI is used to determine the level of health and wellness an individual's lifestyle and diet choices are providing them. RBTI allows you to understand the chemical reactions taking place in the body chemistry that is creating inflammation, toxicity, cell degeneration as well as cell regeneration and true health.
Especially for Nutritionists and Herbalists Judith
Free live webinars designed to introduce nutritionists and herbalists to Iridology. We meet online once a month for about 45 minutes.
Iridology Practice with Judith Cobb Judith
These webinars are for people who have at least some experience with Iridology. I'll demonstrate how to integrate iridology with herbology and nutrition to create wellness programs that don't overwhelm your clients. We meet online once each month for about an hour.
Confident Nutritionist (Iridology I & II Especially for Nutritionists and Herbalists)  Judith
Learn Iridology and how to integrate it with nutrition and herbology to give you more confidence and to reduce the amount of extra ‘homework’ you don’t get paid for that you do for each client.
Animal Health, The Natural Way!6/3/2017 to 6/3/2017Alicia Rocco, NHP, CCII330-868-5353
Our pets and farm animals need to be healthy and stay healthy naturally just like us. I run an "All Natural" alpaca farm with a llama, alpacas, dogs and cats. Our vet comes for any emergencies we incur, but my goal is to feed them and care for them naturally with parasite control, food, grain and supplements as needed. Come and learn how and what you can do or not do when an animals health is challenged or an emergency arises using all natural health products or as I can them "tricks of the trade."
Techniques in Iris Analysis, Nutrition and Natural Therapies6/19/2017 to 6/23/2017 Ellen
A comprehensive Iridolology Course for Career Builders, Moms, Dads, and Students! Ellen uses colorful graphics, charts, slides, and beautiful power point presentations to teach Iridology, in a relaxed organized step-by-step manner, to make learning easy and fun. You will learn the history of Iridology, the anatomy of the eye, specific iris signs and what they mean to the health of a person, information about the body’s genetic constitution, universal language and terminology for iris analysis; and nutritional and herbal therapies to strengthen body systems and improve health. In the second portion of the seminar, Ellen will take you deeper into the study of iris analysis and share with you some amazing case studies of people she has worked with. Included in the Techniques in Iris Analysis course, Ellen also teaches valuable information about Nutrition and Natural Therapies. Some of the topics are: · Proper Breathing · Conscious Relaxation · Skin Brushing · Holistic Nutrition · Herbology · Exercise · The Importance of Cleansing · Balancing PH · Thyroid, Hormone and Candida Testing You also will have the opportunity to have your irises professionally photographed by Jon Miles. You will receive the high-res photos of your irises via email/CD or flash drive.Premium color printouts will also be available for an extra fee. Jon will be presenting some information on the iris anatomy and imaging. He will also be available to answer any questions in regards to purchasing an Iris Camera. For those who wish to become IIPA Certified, this course will prepare them to take the IIPA Certification Examination. For IIPA certification, a college course in Anatomy and Physiology is also required. Students will receive certificates of completion from Bernard Jensen International and the International Iridology Practitioners Association at the end of the course.
Physical/Emotional Iridology9/15/2017 to 9/16/2017 Alicia Rocco, NHP, CCII330-868-5353
This is the practice and science of reading the iris and sclera of the eyes. It reveals the possibilities of health issues you have genetically inherited. Through the reading and your health history, it tells us what is happening in your body now both physically and emotionally. We have hands on practice in class so bring a good pen light and a 10 power magnifier with you.
Canadian Iridology Conference-Ellen Tart Jensen 9/25/2017 to 9/29/2017 Ellen
IIPA Comprehensive Iridology-5 day class!
Canadian Iridology Conference-Daniele LoRito9/30/2017 to 10/1/2017 Daniele Lo
Theoretical Iridology - 2 day class!
Canadian Iridology Conference-Gino Bellinfante9/30/2017 to 9/30/2017 Gino
Introduction to “Sclerology, An Ancient Science in a Clinical world.” From 8:00-9:00pm.
IIPA Comprehensive Iridology Level I Course10/20/2017 to 10/22/2017 Jackie
780 482-7978
Tree Essence Class10/21/2017 to 10/21/2017Alicia Rocco, NHP, CCII330-868-5353
Tree Essences are subtle liquid extracts taken to help change feelings and behaviors that in turn change how we feel physically. This is what we in the natural health field would call energy medicine. These are safe to use with food, medications and herbs. They work on the energy field. Whether you are interested in Tree Essences for yourself and family or would like to become a Tree Essence Practitioner for others, then consider attending this class. Most informative class ever! Space is limited. Sign up today!
IIPA Comprehensive Iridology Level II Course11/3/2017 to 11/5/2017 Jackie
780 482-7978
Soul Evolution Class11/18/2017 to 11/18/2017Alicia Rocco, NHP, CCII330-868-5353
I have often said everything begins in the soul and manifests itself in the body by the use of the mind and emotions. This class is to help us define our soul's journey and how it operates with the realm of our body using our beliefs and emotions. Come and find out answers to these questions and more ... Who am I? What is my soul's purpose? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? Where am I going from here? Why do I have a body? Why does it get sick? Why do I have to die? What happens during surgery? ... and much more.