IIPA Membership Benefits

IIPA promotes accurate Iridology and provides professional standards through certification examinations. Additionally, it is an accrediting body for Instructors and a sanctioning body for Schools/Institutions and programs for teaching Iridology. IIPA also provides awareness and unification for the protection of Iridologists and natural health providers.

IIPA Membership Application

If you would like to become a part of IIPA, please join the ranks of professional Iridologists and those interested in Iridology and who are working hard to lead by example and ultimately raise the standard of Iridology world-wide.  Click here and download our Membership Application form for your convenience.  IIPA is made up of volunteer members, and we need your help in furthering our goals.  There are two membership levels to our association...

Supporting Member - $59.00. A Supporting Members will be entitled to receive the Newsletter and discounts on webinars and Symposiums. All Supporting Members will receive a letter of gratitude for their support of IIPA and Iridology education.
Student Member - $59.00. A verification of enrollment of Iridology Level I & II is required. All Student Members will receive a letter of gratitude for their support and to encourage their Iridology education success.
Certified Comprehensive Iridology Member - $125.00. A CCI Member will be awarded a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist Certificate upon completion of all IIPA Iridology educational requirements. This certificate will have an Effective date and an Expiration date and will be issued every two (2) years. The Expiration date will be for a 2-year period when the Certified Iridologist successfully completes the IIPA CEU Program requirement. Membership dues will need to be paid annually.
Lifetime Member - $3,000.00. Lifetime members will join and receive a certificate stating Lifetime Member with no Expiration date. Lifetime Members will not be required to fulfill the IIPA CEU Program and as a Lifetime member the one-time fee will not need to be renewed.

If you prefer, please contact the Central Office and we will sign you up over the phone...888-682-2208  Take a moment right now and become a member today!

IIPA Membership Renewal Application

If you need to renew your IIPA membership, download our Membership Renewal form.